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Physician Involvement

Physicians are actively involved in all aspects of ThinkFirst. Founded by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), we welcome neurosurgeons, trauma physicians, orthopedic physicians, pediatricians, physiatrists and all physicians interested in injury prevention to become involved with ThinkFirst.

Support Your Chapter

Go to Chapters/Find a Chapter to see where the chapters are in your area. Contact your chapter director to see what your chapter activities are and if there are ways you can offer support.

  • Promote injury prevention education
  • Advocate for a dedicated ThinkFirst chapter director to coordinate community injury prevention education programs
  • Ask the chapter director if there is a need for a sponsoring physician or co-sponsoring physician
  • Visit or assist with a ThinkFirst school presentation
  • Connect potential VIP speakers – Voices for Injury Prevention – with chapters
  • Consider covering a day each month for one of your staff nurses to work with the chapter as a ThinkFirst presenter
  • Make an annual donation to your local chapter
  • Volunteer at ThinkFirst events, such as helmet fittings

Start A Chapter

If there is not a local chapter, or if there is a need for additional chapters in the community, please take the steps to establish a chapter and become a sponsoring physician. Go to Start a Chapter to learn more.

Become a ThinkFirst Medical Director

ThinkFirst Medical Directors serve as the medical advisor and advocate for their ThinkFirst chapter and chapter director. Medical Directors are needed at new chapters and at chapters where the medical director has retired, moved or is no longer serving in this role. See Medical Director Role.

Support ThinkFirst at the National Level

ThinkFirst chapters depend on the ThinkFirst Foundation for training, educational materials, continuing education and support. As a 501c3 charitable organization, the ThinkFirst Foundation is dependent on donations, grants and sponsorships for the staffing and resources necessary to deliver excellence in educational materials and services.  Go to Donate to support the ThinkFirst Foundation. If involvement on ThinkFirst committees or the Board of Directors is of interest, please contact the ThinkFirst Foundation.

Research and Publications

Consider conducting research or writing a journal article on ThinkFirst programs. The ThinkFirst efficacy committee has validated evaluation tools and other resources available. Go to the Facts and Publications tab to view published Research and Articles on ThinkFirst.

For more information on physician involvement, contact the ThinkFirst Foundation executive director at

For information on establishing an international chapter, search the International Chapter Directory for current chapters, and learn about steps to Start an International Chapter.


The Role of the Neurosurgeon in the Community With a Specific Eye Toward Injury Prevention and ThinkFirst.pdf


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