ThinkFirst Greater Kansas City, Kansas City, MO 

KDOT'S People Saving People Award

Pictured: Pete Bodyk, Kansas Department of Transportation; Cynthia Randazzo, ThinkFirst KC; Michael Bowen, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); Rose Simone, ThinkFirst KC; Romell Cooks, Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

ThinkFirst of Greater Kansas City received the People Saving People Award from the Kansas Department of Transportation for the impact it has made educating young people about safety belt usage and safe driving practices in the hopes of preventing them from suffering a traumatic injury, or worse, as the result of a motor-vehicle crash.

During the 17th annual Kansas Transportation Safety Conference in Wichita, eight Voices for Injury Prevention (VIP) speakers, all with disabling injuries, were recognized for their efforts of taking their stories and lessons learned to thousands of young people annually across the Kansas City metropolitan area through school assemblies and other venues.

“Our VIP speakers range in age from 18 to 30,” said Cynthia Randazzo, president, The Research Foundation. “Who better to convince young people of the importance of seat belts, attentive driving, not driving under the influence, not speeding than someone who has to live daily with the mistake they or someone else has made behind the wheel. They truly are ‘people saving people’ in the literal sense, and winning this award is a wonderful way to honor and thank them for their contributions to injury prevention in the community.”

The People Saving People Award is open for the nomination of any individual, organization, and/or program – in or out of the state – that has had an exemplary effect on Kansas transportation safety in one of the following three ways: community leadership and engineering; education and awareness; or adjudication, enforcement and EMS response.