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Bicycle Safety

image of child riding bike with helmet on

ThinkFirst has been active in bicycle safety since 1986.  One of our initiatives was with Schwinn, a brand of Pacific Cycle, to create Helmets on Heads, a program in which Schwinn and their partners encourage and educate bike riders of all ages on the importance of wearing a helmet. Helmets on Heads is committed to educating kids on the importance of bike helmet use to prevent bicycle-related brain injuries. 

ThinkFirst was instrumental in kicking off this program, as we worked with Schwinn to develop educational materials and organize a 21- city tour, utilizing our skilled chapters to provide assembly presentations and fit thousands of kids with helmets provided by Schwinn. 

ThinkFirst is proud to support this initiative, which compliments the bike safety education and helmet fitting we have always provided.

image of child on bicycle from behind.  child wearing safety helmet

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